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Jammin' out with this rock-star student during a lesson!

Brass Caroling!!

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Great time with students and colleagues, performing two evenings for Santa Drive-By in Antioch, IL!

All Set and Ready to Play!


12/12 Concert.


Getting Ready for Next Piece!


Some early arrivers to the concert



Music Fun! Handlebar Mustache!?!

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Music is a lot of hard work, BUT it's also a lot of FUN at the All Brass Music Studio!

Big Top Circus Band!

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Jammin' with the Big Top Circus Band!

BTCB Vid 2

BTCB Vid 1

Fun at the studio!

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My Funny Valentine

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Good morning, everyone! 

My Funny Valentine

Had a great time teaming up with my friend and colleague Alejandro Alumbreros  for this piece. We hope you enjoy!

How Music Makes Me a Better Neuroscientist

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Great Ted Talk on music and the brain!

All Brass Boot Camp 2020!!

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Hi everyone!!

I'm excited for the 2020 All Brass Boot Camp (ABBC) June 8th - 12th! Each day the ABBC is from 9am-12pm, with a concert on Friday, June 12th at 11am. My hope is that the ABBC is helpful to any brass student that wants an extra 'push' in their playing, especially over summer. Space is limited, so please let me know soon if you'd like to register.

The ABBC is located near Antioch on the beautiful campus of St. Benedict's Abbey. Cost of the ABBC is $125 if registered before June 1st, $150 if after June 1st. With both middle school and separate high school sessions, the All Brass Boot Camp (ABBC) is one week of intensive brass training and a chance to keep the horn 'on the face' during summer. Our focus is on sound, breathing, intonation, and sight reading. There are both middle school and separate high school sessions. The time commitment is three hours per morning for six days; June 8th - 12th. If students aren't able to make all 6 sessions, that's ok! As long as they can make most sessions the ABBC should be helpful. Also, there is a short concert at the end of the camp where the students get to show off their sounds! I attached the brochure for the ABBC, so please pass it on to any you feel could benefit, like band directors, students/parents.

Here is a link to the website for information and registration;

Click HERE for more information and application to the All Brass Boot Camp

Should you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you and I hope you can join the fun!

Paul Hefner



Video #5! "Three is a Magic Number"

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Hi all!

Here's video #5! Such a fun song, and shows a light swing rhythm on 16th notes. I hope you like!


Paul Hefner

Video #4!! Displaying swing feel in common time

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Hi all!

Had some fun making #4. =). Here's a sample of playing swing in 4/4 time. It actually sounds like 12/8, but written in the common time signature. I hope you enjoy!