Student Recital / Coffeehouse Jam!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

Hi all!

Our next recital/Coffeehouse Jam is scheduled for Friday, June 24th from 7pm-9pm. It will be in Antioch and I would love it if you could come! Students are not required to perform, but are encouraged to do so. If you'd like to perform a solo by yourself, with another student, or duet with me, let me know as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity to gain performance experience in a low-stress, laid back atmosphere. Also, being a small fundraiser, this is also an opportunity for us all to be part of something bigger than ourselves, using music as our platform. Let me know if any family member is interested in performing a little. Generally we have soloists as well as family duets/combos. If you're one of my students performing, we will do everything possible to keep it simple, effective, and fun! Attached is a flyer and here's a more about the 'jam'.

This will be our 3rd annual Summertime Coffeehouse Jam! It's a relaxed and laid-back concert that is open to the public. The performers will be a mix of music students, community musicians, and pros. The audience is usually about 40-50 people.

Private lesson students and brass boot campers will kick things off at about 7:00pm and finish by about 8:30pm. Then, the community musicians and professionals will play until about 9pm or a little later.

We will have a sound system to accompany vocalists, instruments, piano, and microphone. Of course, acapella is welcome too!

Volunteers are needed to bring food! We also need a parent or two to monitor the 'green room' where students leave their instrument cases and any other gear. Lastly, we'll need help with organizing and maintaining the food and snacks brought in. This truly is an opportunity for the students and all of us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. The Coffeehouse Jam gives all proceeds to an overseas mission. Admission to the 'jam' is free and there will be a donation jar out for anyone that feels led to give.