Music is one of those difficult fields of study that combine the emotional with the factual, the artistic with the disciplined, and the inherent with the learned. It is something that comes natural to all of us, and I believe that with proper instruction anyone is capable of learning how to play music. Using the traditions of the past and coupling it with the music of today, I do my best to give students the means and desire to make music an integral part of their lives.

With 11 years of college music teaching experience, I am privileged to teach students of all ages on all band instruments and piano and ukulele. Lessons are offered in 30 and 60 minute blocks to accommodate everyone, with lessons offered weekdays, weeknights and weekends. Locations are Gurnee and Antioch, Illinois.

What people have to say about All Brass

"My child has been taking trumpet lessons with Paul for two (2) years now and his abilities have increased noticeably. Paul has an encouraging approach and looks for ways to maintain interest by varying lesson content from scales/rudiments to sight reading to support in solo performances. Paul has introduced different music genres. Overall our experience with Paul is positive and beneficial for our middle school child."

"Both of my kids take lessons with Paul (high school trombone, and tuba). He is really good at keeping them motivated. He makes the lessons and the learning fun. He’s flexible when they bring in the current music they are learning at school and helps them get through it and comfortable with it. We are also repeat students at the All Brass Boot Camp."

"Paul, I’m so grateful to you - studying with you made a huge difference to me, and the opportunity to work (at the All Brass Boot Camp) the last couple years has been priceless.  Thank you so much for being a force of good in my life."

"We are grateful that it worked out to have lessons with you. You have a good style about you and your teaching - encouraging, listening, understanding. Plus you are the real deal with your strong musical capabilities."

"Thank you for coordinating an awesome learning experience at solo/ensemble. Our son has never been much of a joiner in school. Sports were never his thing and non athletic clubs only offered so much. Music has given him an identity—a thing he belongs to. And for that, I’m forever grateful."

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you've taught our 6th grader this summer. You have kept her interested and motivated so that she practiced every day. You've pushed her to be ahead of her class! It takes a lot for her to be confident, and she feels very comfortable with you. I appreciate your hard work." Thanks - J

"All Brass has been such an enriching addition to my life and I am so incredibly grateful to Paul for all of his guidance and support in helping me learn to become a better musician. As a more mature learner, I often wish I had followed along with the few music lessons of my youth.  But alas I took a very long break!  I am so glad to have found a teacher like Paul - supportive, creative, and energetic in his enthusiasm for all things musical - I'm certainly sticking with it this time!" - Tom (adult student)

"Mr. Paul was a tremendous help for my audition" -Andrew (age 12)

"Paul is a great fit for my daughter's personality. He is very calm and understated which makes her feel comfortable and at ease. Also, he uses high-interest songs to teach tuba. Our whole family loves to hear her practice!" - Kate

"Just wanted to let you know that Johnny said you (Paul) are the best teacher he has ever had- he's looking forward to working with you!" -Mother of new trumpet student

 "I highly recommend All Brass for lessons - my son progressed faster than with other clarinet teachers! - Raj (father of student)

"My interaction with Paul has taken my music abilities to an entirely new level.  After playing in community bands for 40 years, I was stuck in a rut and was having difficulty finding a music teacher who had the knowledge and skills to help me learn how to improvise and improve my technique.  Paul taught me how to practice, think, and apply practical music theory that opened the door to an entirely new level of playing ability.  I can’t say enough about he helped coach and teach me -and my daughters- how to unlock our music potential!" -Mike (adult student and parent of students)

How Am I Doing?

As a professional musician and educator I do my best to provide world-class service and customer care. I love feedback; both good and constructive! If you have any comments or suggestions how I can improve the website or make a student's experience even better, please let me know. Feel free to email, call, or text message.

EMAIL: allbrassmusic@gmail.com

CELL: 224-267-5717