Attendance Guidelines

Attendance guidelines are intended to help students get the most out of their lessons and the study of their instrument. Please read the guidelines below and let me know if you have any questions.


Prior to the month beginning, notify me of any planned absences. This way, we can either schedule a make-up lesson time, or reduce the invoice for the upcoming month. Absences not notified until after the 1st of the month can still be made up, providing at least 24 hour notice has been given. Make-up lessons are honored up to 2 months after the absence, and the lesson will be scheduled in addition to our weekly scheduled lesson.

If the student gives less than 24 hours notice of a missed lesson, the student will be responsible for payment for the missed lesson.

In case of emergency, the lesson may be canceled without forfeiture of payment. The lesson can be either rescheduled or a credit applied to the following month.


Lessons will begin and end at their scheduled times, so please do not be late! If the lesson begins late by a fault of the instructor, the lesson may be extended in compensation, or rescheduled entirely. If a student is late to a lesson by more than half of the length of the lesson, the instructor reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the lesson at the student’s expense.